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Responsible Investment Summit

By on January 22, 2013

29Jan 2013
Welcome to the 2013 Responsible Investment Summit programme, our annual meeting for policy makers and the private equity community. As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and reflect on how our industry has evolved over that time, it is apparent that importance placed on long term, sustainable investment into companies has never been more paramount.

Launched in 2012, the Summit brought together 200 investors, managers and representatives from Europe’s policy making institutions to discuss and debate those drivers for growth and governance shaping future investment strategies from a public and private funds perspective.

In 2013 the Summit will explore the development of frameworks to support long term investment projects that benefit society at large, providing necessary capital to fulfill new projects alongside flexibility, vision and sound governance to support thousands of SMEs and entrepreneurs throughout Europe. This is your opportunity to be part of that discussion, sharing your opinions and experiences with investors and policy makers alike as we strive to turn challenges into success.
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