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REACH: Automating Global Product Regulatory Compliance (webinar)

By in E2 ManageTech on January 22, 2013

26Sep 201212:00
26Sep 201213:00
Today's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals are becoming increasingly integral to many companies' supply chain processes due to changes and challenges in Global Regulatory Compliance including European REACH (Registration, Evaluation authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). Compliance with these regulations requires extensive supply chain knowledge, excellent record keeping, and in some cases testing. In addition, the list of markets with material controls and regulated chemicals are rapidly expanding.

E2 ManageTech (E2) integrates information technology to optimize REACH and other Global Product Compliance. Join us for this very informative webinar during which we will discuss:

• The correct process to use when evaluating and selecting a REACH solution
• Considerations toward integrating with your ERP
• Considerations regarding supply chain
• Considerations surrounding software

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