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RSB Event: Driving Innovation & Value through Responsible & Sustainable Business

By Chloe Pott on January 22, 2013

18Oct 2012
19Oct 2012
Responsible today, Sustainable tomorrow

RSB Event is business and value centred, focused on empowering you and your company with step-by-step insight on all aspects of successful CSR implementation; from Strategy to Employee and Stakeholder engagement, to Best Practice, Metrics and Reporting, to Communications and Future Trends.

Invaluable whether you need to formalise your policy or consolidate your initiative; be inspired by speakers and companies who are transforming and regenerating their business through CSR.

Sustainability and Responsibility are not passing trends; they are the philosophical and practical lynchpins of future business success. Join us for this vital event and secure your company’s prospects.

What You Will Learn:

A robust CSR strategy and the steps you need to take to implement it whilst ensuring economic success.

• How to gain a competitive advantage through integrating CSR and sustainability into company’s operations and strategy.
• How to build a corporate culture that reinforces sustainability and responsibility.
• How to create and measure sustainable value whilst ensuring economic success and ROI.
• How to capitalise on new market opportunities through new business models with corporate responsibility and sustainability at the core.
• How to embed sustainability into product, process and service development to address consumer demand with regard to a sustainable future.
• How to provide training and tools to engage and motivate employees in the sustainability journey.
• How to manage internal and external aspects of CSR and sustainability communication in a global company.
• And much more!

This event will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain on Oct 18 and 19, 2012.
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