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Sustainability Forum 2012

By Chloe Pott on January 22, 2013

5Oct 2012
5Oct 2012
This training, networking and professional development event aims at reinforcing sustainability, providing hands-on experience, practical knowledge and professional skills through specialised workshops.

The Sustainability Forum 2012 will bring together sustainability professionals and corporate responsibility and green economy practitioners and the opportunity to network with others who are building profitable and sustainable business models, services and products.

Cross-sectoral collaboration cases and hybrid organisations' best practices promoting sustainable business are to be examined through the spectrum of economics, legislation, corporate strategy, communication, infrastructure, resource management, quality control, waste, climate change, leadership and technology.

Since the dynamics of globalisation have threatened our cultrual and natural heritage, the challenge of sustainable development now lies in the hands of organisations and society.

Since each organisation's path to capturing value from sustainability is unique, this forum includes the analysis of 18 keynote speakers in 12 workshops. Choose three that fit your approach!

The official language of the Sustainability Forum (SF) 2012 is English, however, if all workshop participants agree, a workshop may also be held in Greek.

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