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Enablon at the Green Monday in London

By on January 22, 2013

3Sep 201217:45
3Sep 201221:30
Enablon will be present at the Green Monday event on September 3, 2012 to be held in London at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch: King Edward Hall. Through the September audience, panel of experts and diverse roundtables, the event will aim to shed insight into leadership in the 21st Century. Among the questions to be raised: what makes leaders different? Why are they more aware of environmental and social issues? Are they better leaders as a result? Will they generate more profits than their counterparts? Does it boil down to them understanding our evolution from self-interest to enlightened self-interest?

Colin Ma from Enablon will moderate the roundtable on Finance & Corporate Sustainability. The table will examine and explain the role of financial services in sustainability, with conversations covering environmental and social risk management and investment opportunities. During this month’s roundtable, attendees will discuss sustainability data that will have the biggest impact on a business strategy.
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