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The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference

By on January 22, 2013

27Sep 2012
28Sep 2012
In 2012, the meaning and measure of value is being redefined by both individuals and society. As a result, the demand for business to demonstrate its ability to create value of various forms for all its stakeholders rather than simply profit for shareholders, is increasing and the question of how this value is defined, measured and communicated becomes paramount. Our 2nd annual conference on Redefining Value: The New Metrics of Sustainable Business will expand on the important conversation launched at Wharton in November of 2011.

This 2-day, in-depth discussion examines leading edge work being done to expand the way business creates, quantifies, manages and communicates the value it delivers through the metrics it adopts.

Various leading edge initiatives will be presented, and time will be devoted for interactive and thought provoking discussion facilitated by some of sustainability's top strategists.

Plans are now underway for this event, and key topics to explore include:

- How is the measure of value being redefined by individuals, organizations and global economies today?
- What initiatives are underway within academia, local and national governments, NGO's and business leaders to redefine the measure of value?
- How are companies effectively tying environmental and social initiatives to enhanced shareholder value?
- How is materiality playing an increasing role in how companies are, or should be measuring and reporting impact.
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