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BSR Conference 2012

By in BSR on January 22, 2013

23Oct 2012
26Oct 2012
In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, exciting changes are being made to our 2012 Conference agenda.

The BSR Conference 2011—“Redefining Leadership”—kicked off last year with 1,000 senior business executives, civil society representatives, and other experts from more than 30 countries gathering to share strategies and insights on the future of sustainability.

In his opening address, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore noted the business community’s appreciation for the scale of the world’s problems. And he suggested that we can do something about them. The resounding theme heard in conversations and in sessions was one of empowerment: We are empowered as individuals, as companies, and as industries to challenge the systemic problems of the day with our own collective intellect and demand new ways of operating. As CEO Aron Cramer said in his closing remarks, “We have the opportunity to not just redefine but also to rediscover leadership.”

Now entering its 20th year, the Conference provides participants unrivaled opportunities to engage with sustainability leaders and practitioners to build the business of a better world. To learn more about the BSR Conference, session summaries, video highlights and photos from previous events are available online now.
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