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From sustainable soils to sustainable living – March 29, 2012

By on January 22, 2013

29Mar 201208:15
29Mar 201213:00
INNOV’ECO is a quarterly meet of cleantech business professionals and decision makers in France, supported by an online exchange and sharing platform.

Every three months, close to 300 professionals meet to discover, learn, share, network, and co-develop business opportunities within a specific sub sector of the cleantech space in a dynamic format combining a healthy breakfast, a lively and insightful debate, and a multimedia presentation of the best in eco-innovation on the local and international scenes.

The INNOV’ECO initiative was conceived to answer three main imperatives:

The urgency to develop workable economic solutions at the local level in the face of rising global and non negotiable climate, energy, and resource predicaments,

The need to generate new wealth creation opportunities and stimulate the creation of local green collar jobs

The need to fulfill the strategic aim of enhancing the attractiveness of French Regions and making it a breeding ground for the emergence of a sustainable green economy

INNOV’ECO aims to provide the missing links between key actors of the French Cleantech community, and consolidate an otherwise disjointed series of efforts and initiatives into a vibrant cluster of creativity and innovation, allowing supply to meet demand in the buildup of a self-sustaining local green economy bonded by tangible business and social interests – and a sense of shared destiny.

INNOV’ECO is designed to answer the needs and cater to the interests of:

Cleantech entrepreneurs and start-ups
Cleantech investors
Industrial outfits
Public entities
Research labs and academic and scientific experts
Specialized media centers
Service providers, public and private facilitators
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