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SBC 2012 - Enabling the Positive City

By on January 22, 2013

22Mar 2012
The theme of SBC 2012 conference is “Enabling the Positive City – Smart Cities, Smart Sustainability”. It will focus on solutions and business opportunities that can restore the social and natural environment of the city.

A number of questions will be addressed during SBC 2012:

* How to reduce energy consumption in the smart city?
* What smart energies for positive cities?
* What is the optimal mix between off-site and on-site waste treatment?
* How to industrialize the positive city?
* How to generalize smart mobility?
* What partnerships between public and private sector to finance smart cities?
* How to educate citizens to follow positive behaviors?
* Smart water treatment: on-site or off-site?
* How to develop short food cycles and urban agriculture?
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