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2012 Green Africa Sustainability Conference

By on January 22, 2013

12Apr 2012
15Apr 2012
There exists a vast number of international conferences dedicated to policy debates on climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development policy. Green Africa Sustainability Conference is not one of them.

Green Africa is focused on active solution-making through real-time, community-supported innovation. Green Africa brings together sustainable development practitioners and visionary funders with government leaders and pragmatic industry leaders. Over the course of the gathering, we will develop ripe opportunities to ignite a fresh business framework built for maximum sustainability stakeholder benefit.

At the Green Africa, you will:

-Expand your Networks to amplify your mission’s reach;

-Engage in active collaboration for cross-industry calibration; and

-Develop strategies to launch initiative into action.

Over the four days of Green Africa, April 12-15, 2012, you will elevate your success quotient through inspiring educational presentations, interactive discussions, hands-on workshops, demonstrations and design activities structured to accelerate communication and collaboration. The Conference will serve as a hub for action-oriented networking, knowledge and skills sharing, as well as a forum for future program development.
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