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CSR Data Management Strategies For Successful CSR Data Lifecycle Management

By on January 22, 2013

19Apr 2012
The entry of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability issues into the business mainstream means that every company now needs to take non-financial data into account, both within its core management processes and in its internal and external communications. With so many emerging CSR themes many companies, especially those with geographically diverse operations, are confused as to how best to manage the data they need, who to turn to for advice, how to assess the available options.

This highly interactive and practical conference will give you the tools to examine how this data can best be collected, evaluated, assured, communicated and assessed, using a combination of contrasting presentations by leading experts and debates led by prominent corporate CSR professionals. Every large company now has to address these issues and the innovative event framework will ensure every delegate will learn the key approaches, milestones, pitfalls and recommendations for mastery of the CSR data management cycle.
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