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New Horizons for Eco-Labels and Sustainability

By on January 22, 2013

17Jan 2012
18Jan 2012
The food industry is under growing pressure to reduce its environmental and social impacts, however what practical methods are successful and what role do eco-labels play? How can sustainable ingredients contribute to the ecological / social footprint? What are the gamut of sustainable packaging options available to food and beverage companies? What are the best-practices in the industry? The next edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit aims to address such issues in a high-level forum.

The fifth edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit will take place in San Francisco on 17-18th January 2012. Major topics on the summit agenda include sustainable proteins, food security, sourcing local, raw foodism, ethical finance, ecological packaging, sustainability metrics, marketing best-practices and consumer insights.

Like previous events organized by Organic Monitor, the summit will bring together key stake-holders in the food industry to debate and discuss key industry issues. The Sustainable Foods Summit is a series of international summits that focuses on the leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability and eco-labels, such as Organic, Fair trade, Rainforest Alliance, etc.
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