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Sustainable Facilities Forum

By on January 22, 2013

20Jun 201208:00
21Jun 201208:00
Sustainability is fast becoming a top priority in boardrooms across Corporate America. Sustainability for many industry leading companies is more and more becoming a business imperative that informs each decision they make as the tangible commercial benefits of implementing quantifiable sustainable processes and practices to manage carbon are being realized. Nowhere else are the challenges and opportunities more apparent and pressing than on the subject of Facilities/Buildings which account for over 39% of all energy used in the United States.

The Theme of the 2012 Sustainable Facilities Forum is: “Sustainable Facilities Management and the Triple Bottom Line.”

*Research by McKinsey finds that most companies have options to reduce carbon emissions at negative cost – across the overall economy there is the potential to save as much as 12Gt CO2e, 25% of the global total annual emissions in this way by 2030. (*McKinsey & Co (2009) Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy)

The Sustainable Facilities Forum aims to act as a catalyst for Major Corporations across all sectors and industries to take advantage of these "low hanging" gains/benefits. In addition to this goal it goes without saying that Sustainable Facilities Management is an integral piece of the overall Sustainability puzzle and it can also have a solid impact on the bottom-line during these times of cut backs and austerity measures.

Event format: This cross industry Forum is by invite only for Senior Facilities Executives or those Senior Corporate Officers tasked with ensuring that their respective Organization’s structures/ facilities are built, operated and maintained in an environmentally and resource efficient manner throughout the buildings lifecycle. The event is a mix of case study conference sessions, think tanks, round tables, 1-on-1 meetings and networking functions.
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