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Climate Change & Business Conference

By on January 22, 2013

10Aug 2010
12Aug 2010
The 6th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change and Business is the pre-eminent climate change conference for business in this region, designed by business for business. The conference serves as the major gathering point for business leaders and chief policy makers and allows exchange of information across the Tasman.

The 2010 conference will focus on how business is moving forward on climate change response in a time of policy uncertainty. Plenary sessions will examine:

• The potential for reduced emissions from key sectors: how and how much?
• Australian and New Zealand policy response to business requirements
• What is needed to unlock and leverage investment in low emissions technology
• Adaptation as a priority response
• The international policy framework and the potential impact on this region
• Inside China and the USA
• The power of complementary measures: what’s working internationally
• Climate change science and communicating the challenge

Additional workshops and concurrent sessions will look at practical lessons learned in specific areas, including:

• New Zealand’s implementation of an ETS,
• energy efficiency,
• NGER and Energy Efficiency reporting,
• international carbon markets,
• land use and
• cleantech

The 2010 conference will include an exhibition of relevant goods and services and exhibition spaces are now available.

Join us for what is an important year for business as it grapples with the challenge of climate change!
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