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Engaging with local communities through Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC)

By in BSR on January 22, 2013

3Apr 2012
This workshop is part of the BSR series Global Frameworks and Company Responses: Building Shared Value in a Complex World.

The UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples recognized the need for free, prior and informed consent by Indigenous Peoples in the event of any potential relocation and/or restitution. For example, with over 60% of the gold extracted today found on Indigenous territories, some Indigenous rights organizations have attempted to clarify and operationalize the concept, and fewer companies have attempted to develop a policy around it. Yet, several countries with substantial Indigenous populations have enacted laws requiring FPIC for extractive projects and most recently, the IFC has incorporated it to its revised standards.

This session will focus on understanding what FPIC means to your company by providing experiences from extractives companies who have pioneered this approach into their systems, from NGOs who will explain their expectations and experience guiding Indigenous Peoples on the subject, and government officials from countries that require documentation and successful FPIC process in the extractives sector.
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