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Building Effective Local Content Strategies

By in BSR on January 22, 2013

24Jan 201210:00
24Jan 201216:00
This workshop is part of the BSR series Global Frameworks and Company Responses: Building Shared Value in a Complex World.

Delivering local benefits in the communities where extractives companies operate is no longer a choice. It is a commercial necessity—and one that is increasingly mandated by law. After nearly two decades working with companies multiple industries and regions, BSR has learned that the key to success is to deliver both development value for the community and commercial value for the company.

This full-day training will demonstrate how companies can do this by defining community-development priorities, developing human-rights-assurance frameworks, enhancing local-procurement programs, and working to improve public policy and regulatory frameworks.

Participants will learn about what works and what doesn’t from other company leaders–and they will have ample time to discuss, challenge, and adapt the lessons to their own companies. Benefits become local and sustainable when they are part of the company’s business model and part of everyone’s goals and objectives for commercial success.
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