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Six Steps to Compliance - Addressing Global EHS Challenges

By in Enhesa on January 22, 2013

13Oct 201111:00
13Oct 201112:00
Practitioners and Managers of international EHS regulatory compliance are frequently confronted with numerous challenges and obstacles when operating at a global level. The management process seems next to impossible when varying languages, cultural barriers, regulatory frameworks and perceptions of the law are factored into the equation. Managers are constantly having to understand varying interpretations and applications of EHS regulations in different countries and regional jurisdictions. What are the implications of non-compliance in each different location? What are the local practices and are they acceptable to a multinational organization?

These questions and more have a major role in any organization concerned with EHS regulatory compliance. The best-in-class EHS managers know that with an ongoing increase in regulatory requirements, enforcement practices and public transparency around the globe, it is essential to have a consistent, standardized and detailed compliance strategy and set of compliance tools.

This webinar will cover:
• Challenges of Global EHS Regulatory Compliance
• Six Steps to Compliance By Design
• How to use Enhesa tools to achieve compliance by design
• Newest features of Enhesa services

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