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Webinar - Building CSR Commitment Through Stakeholder Engagement Panels

By on January 22, 2013

22Sep 2011
External CSR Advisory Council or Stakeholder Engagement Panel can be a vital business strategy component. These groups can help companies identify new opportunities, promote innovation, and mitigate risks. Join CBSR for a look at some leading practises in optimizing your use of Stakeholder Engagement Panels.

Participants will:

* Hear how Stakeholder Engagement Panels can further a company's CSR commitment
* Learn about the type and functions of Stakeholder Engagement Panels
* Understand the benefits and challenges of Stakeholder Engagement Panels for project planning and operations
* Gain some strategies companies have used to build trust and foster better relationships with their stakeholders
* Learn what to include when determining terms of reference and the logistics to manage an Stakeholder Engagement Panel

Who should attend this webinar?

* CSR practioners
* Communications Managers
* Stakeholder Relations Directors

Marie Jurcevic, CSR Advisor, CBSR
Chad Park, Director Programs and Strategies, The Natural Step
Jayne Russell, CRMP, Manager, Public Relations, The Co-operators Group

This webinar is free for CBSR members. Non members may join for $75.
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