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“The National R4 Conference” Revitalization, Reinvention, Resilience, and Responsibility For Business Leaders in Environmental Innovation

By on January 22, 2013

18Jul 2011
20Jul 2011
American free enterprise holds the key to solving our environmental challenges. Businesses invent the technologies and make the products that reduce emissions, prevent contamination, and maximize energy efficiency.

R4 is for business, government, and nonprofit leaders who are developing new technologies and approaches to environmental challenges and who want to promote market-based solutions and public-private partnerships to achieve their goals. This National Conference will showcase innovative solutions across the following areas:

- Revitalization - By innovating the way that business is done, companies have changed their operations to lessen the effects on the environment while building economic efficiencies.
- Reinvention – Businesses are inventing and producing technologies and products that offer solutions to environmental challenges.
- Resilience – The private sector’s systems and infrastructure solutions are building smarter communities.
- Responsibility – Through philanthropy and volunteerism, businesses are driving community environmental initiatives.
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