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Sustainable Emerging Markets

By on January 22, 2013

24May 2011
25May 2011
There is currently huge interest from institutional investors about sustainability developments in emerging markets as large amounts of investor capital shifts to the region. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors are perceived as far more important risk & return criteria in emerging markets than developed markets. Flows of institutional assets into emerging markets are seen as the growth generators of the future. However, the political, environmental, social and governance risk of investing in emerging markets countries is huge and growing as inward investment grows.

This conference will feature:
- The regulatory climate: attractive and sustainable for global investors? Assessing investment instruments currently available in BRIC countries, Latin America, Africa and Asia
- Managing ESG risk issues. To what extent is the emerging market corporate landscape committed to sustainable development?
- Is there a link between ESG factors and corporate financial performance?
- How to evaluate the risk & return potential for investment decisions?
- In-depth workshops on the regulatory environment, ESG risks and investment potential in BRIC countries, Latin America, Africa and Asia
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