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Seminar: Sustainability - How to engage employees?

By on January 22, 2013

18May 2011
Staff are often neglected when it comes to an organisation's sustainability communications plan. But employees are possibly your most important audience: they sell your products and services to clients; they deal with your supply chain and they will be responsible for implementing your sustainability policies. knowledge, tools and vision to tackle the challenges you face.

If they don't understand what you're doing or why; if they don't feel part of the change or excited at the possibilities and if they can't talk about it internally and externally than even the smartest policies can fail.

The Guardian's internal communications masterclass in association with Futerra will show you how to:

• Strategically position sustainability within your organisation by creating an effective 'sustainability story'
• Use the right tactics to win attention for sustainability with internal stakeholders and audiences
• Create effective interventions to deliver behaviour and culture change throughout your business
• Deliver consistency and a unified message for your stakeholders
• Help employees understand the big picture context
• Position sustainability as delivering business value

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