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Copenhagen and beyond: how your business can gain competitive advantage through climate change adaptation and mitigation

By on January 22, 2013

8Jun 201009:00
9Jun 201018:00
Building on the success of the previous three years of Ethical Corporation’s Climate Change Summits, this year the focus homes in on the post-Copenhagen future: Whether or not all nations eventually sign a tougher, legally-binding pact, the one certainty is that your business has already been thrust into a low-carbon future.

- Forthcoming legislation in the UK, Europe & Worldwide: Find out how your business should prepare
- Measure to Reduce: Key steps to unlocking improved energy efficiency
- Understand how to appeal to your climate-conscious customers
- Life Cycle Analysis: Find out how to make a difference – that pays – from the ground up
- Adaptation versus Mitigation: Achieving an Ideal Balance

What is your business doing to gain competitive advantage in the post-Copenhagen era?

Imminent legislation, increased stakeholder and media attention means companies can no longer hide from their climate change obligations. Which is why savvy businesses have already realised the strategic importance of making a virtue out of the need to take action.

An event that shows you how to join the leaders – not the laggards!

Quite simply, the time to embrace and capitalise on the opportunities of a changing business environment – or take your activities to the next level – is NOW.
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