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CSR Forum - Marcus Evans

By on January 22, 2013

10Apr 2011
11Apr 2011
In the Middle East, Corporate Social Responsibility or “CSR“ may appear to be relatively new to the corporate world. Although some countries and companies in the GCC are further ahead than others, CSR still remains more about philanthropy and is primarily considered external to business, where it ought to be internal an process that is mainstreamed into core operations, strategy and long-term planning. CSR as a concept has been introduced by multi-nationals, and passed on through subsidiaries in the region, therefore, there is a misconception around defining and implementing CSR strategy to the local market.

This forum is created to address the key issues and challenges faced by the practitioners in the GCC, through the provision of a platform to share local and global experiences from a wide range of governments, NGOs, public and private sectors.

Topics to be discussed are in depth focus on practical “how to” guides to design an effective CSR plan based on corporation’s mission, vision and value, and how to incorporate this plan into the core business strategy to achieve the utmost benefits and to maximise the ROI.

Bridging the CSR initiatives with the local culture to engage the community and to increase the acceptance in where the business is operating, will be one of the topics to be presented, as well as the public private partnership in CSR and how would that partnership enhance the CSR initiatives quality and effectiveness.

The latest CSR standards “ISO 26000” will be presented to update the current standards by sharing the recently launched ISO 26000 guidelines. Reporting CSR initiatives is a topic that will demonstrate the importance of reporting and measuring the CSR activities of an organisation, the latest CSR reporting framework will be presented by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
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