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Sustainability Report - 2010

By in Baxter on October 28, 2011
2010 - Framework: GRI

Baxter's sustainability priorities reflect issues of key concern to Baxter and its stakeholders and areas where the company is uniquely positioned to have a positive impact. Long-term performance goals aligned with each priority provide measurable targets and help assess performance. Baxter's sustainability priorities include creating an inclusive workplace, strengthening access to healthcare, and a range of environmental initiatives such as reducing GHG emissions, waste generation and water usage.

Baxter is dedicated to sharing information about its sustainability priorities, goals, initiatives and performance. This Baxter 2010 Sustainability Report illustrates Baxter's commitment to good governance and transparency. It also serves as an entry point for stakeholder engagement and is the main vehicle for communicating information about Baxter's programs and soliciting feedback on the company's performance
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