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Accenture measures and manages its global environmental impact with Enablon GHG-MS.

By in My Enablon on April 26, 2012

Mike Nicholus, Global Environment Program Director at Accenture, explains the benefits of using the Enablon GHG-MS solution to measure and manage the company’s global environmental impact:

- Track carbon emissions from a variety of sources, from office energy consumption to workforce air travel
- Automated process that enables emissions tracking, speeds up data collection and facilitates decision making
- Inherent scalability with ability to drill down through global operations for granular detail while reporting results at every level
- Flexibility that allows solution to meet the company’s current needs as well as evolving requirements

"We use Enablon broadly to help us track and report our global sustainability efforts. The solution is very helpful to not only know what our overall performance is, but also to identify the areas of improvement to leverage performance."

Mike Nicholus, Global Environment Program Director, Accenture
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