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Marketing Brochure - Enablon Corporate Brochure

By in My Enablon on December 30, 2014

Enabling the Sustainable Company

The Most Complete Sustainability Management Platform

Enablon provides software solutions that make organizations sustainable. The company offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of software, content and technology that enables end-to-end management of sustainability performance.

Sustainability Performance Management

- Corporate Responsibility

-- Enablon SD-CSR: Corporate social responsibility
-- Enablon SRM: Stakeholders relationship management
-- Enablon IDM: Initiatives and donations management
-- Enablon SD-SR: Social reporting & management of social data
-- Enablon ABS: Anti-bribery management

- Sustainable Supply Chain

-- Enablon RSC: Responsible supply chain
-- Enablon GXP: Global exchange platforms for industry initiatives

- Energy and Carbon Management

-- Enablon GHG-MS: Greenhouse gas management
-- Enablon AQS: Air quality management
-- Enablon CTM: Cap and trade management
-- Enablon SPM: Sustainability projects management
-- Enablon UDM: Utility data management
-- Enablon FSA: Forecast and scenario Analysis

- QEHS Management

-- Enablon SD-QEHS: Quality, environment, health and safety management
-- Enablon ACS: Audit and compliance management
-- Enablon IMS: Incident management and risk prevention
-- Enablon RCM: Regulatory compliance management
-- Enablon CMS: Chemical management system
-- Enablon PCS: Product compliance and stewardship

Governance, Risk and Compliance

- Enterprise Risk Management

-- Enablon IC: Internal control and compliance management
-- Enablon CA: Internal control management for financial institutions
-- Enablon RM: Risk management
-- Enablon PCM: Policy and compliance management
-- Enablon IA: Planning and management of internal audit activities
-- Enablon BCM: Business continuity management

- Corporate Governance and Legal Management

-- Enablon CM: Subsidiaries and shareholdings management
-- Enablon ASM: Management of banking authorities and delegations
-- Enablon CLM: Contract life cycle management
-- Enablon LM: Litigation management
-- Enablon DM: Document management
-- Enablon REM: Real-estate management
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