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China Labor Watch 2010 Annual Report

By in China Labor Watch on February 15, 2012

2010 was a year of transition for the workers and the labor situation in China, and a number of milestones mark the highs and lows of the past year. From tragic worker deaths to unprecedented international media
attention and concessions granted to striking workers, the ever-evolving economic and civic backdrop created new opportunities and challenges for China Labor Watch to continue to press forward, promoting Chinese
workers‟ rights while uncovering ongoing systemic issues and collaboratively seeking holistic supply chain improvements.

China Labor Watch continued to expand the scope of its work and its measurable impact. CLW conducted independent investigations in over 70 factoriessupplying over 15 different global brand companies,
uncovering numerous labor violations and seeking to identify root causes. Through a series of published reports, we leveraged our investigation outcomes to pressure companies to proactively engage supplier factories to improve working conditions and increase wages.

Through partnerships, CLW extended the availability of its hotline services to workers to over 30 factories, and through factory on-site and community promotions, workers in over 60 factories utilized the hotline. Workers were able to access invaluable consultative legal services and advice.

CLW seeks to provide organizational, policy direction, leadership, and financial and media support for China‟s labor movement through the nascent network CLW helped develop in the 1990s. To this end, CLW
continues to cooperate with other labor and human rights organizations both domestically and internationally. In 2010, CLW collaborated with
Südwind Agentu, an Austrian NGO, and French NGO, Peuples Solidaires, to publish two reports on Disney supplier factories, and pressure Disney to improve factory conditions for their workers. By maintaining relationships with companies that source from Chinese
factories, CLW encourages the development of a business framework in China that brings workers' rights to the forefront of international discourse.

CLW also helps advance the emergence of a strong legal structure in China by promoting the enforcement of local and national labor laws, encouraging labor organizations to strengthen their leadership skills, and highlighting the efforts of labor activists to protect their own rights through the legal system.

For many Chinese workers, dignified work and justice are still foreign concepts. However, with the dedicated persistence and collaboration of CLW with NGOs, academics, media, and other stakeholders, we will continue to investigate and remediate workplace abuses, and empower workers to protect and advance their own inalienable rights.
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