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Environment Report - 2009

By in Boeing on October 29, 2011
2009 - Framework: GRI

Protecting our planet’s environment and finding new ways to harness diverse energy resources continues to be a priority for Boeing. And we are demonstrating our commitment through action.

Over the past year, the pace of progress has accelerated even in the face of a global economic slowdown. Boeing has introduced effective new technologies for improving the environmental performance of our products, services and operations. And we continue to apply our resources to the most important areas for improvement.
Among our environmental initiatives, a clear priority is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide—the main gas associated with climate-change concerns—from our operations as well as our products.

On the operational front, one year into our five-year plan for environmental improvement, we are on track to meet our goal of absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 1 percent. That goal will require a 25-percent improvement in energy efficiency by 2012. It’s an aggressive target that has our full attention.
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