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Human Factors/ Security/ Safety

By on July 31, 2013

Inge Vandijck, Belgium
Return on Security Investment: a Mission Impossible?
-The greatest challenge of security managers is to prove their added value
-Demonstrating Return On Security Investment (ROSI) isn’t easy, but not a mission impossible.
-Costs for security can be considered as a necessary evil or protection of acquired value, but;
-How to create value through security risk management?

Johannes Swanepoel, USA
How software applications support human and cultural factors
-Mobility to support on the job decision making
-Encourage real time collaboration and stakeholder engagement with social networking features
-Track skills and competencies and improve with proficiency and training programs

Frank Herdmann, Germany
The Relevance of "Estimation" in Risk Management
-Human factors : few references in ISO 31000 given its importance in risk management
-Why human factors are at the core of management
-About the terminology in ISO 31000 definition of risk
-Estimation as a human factor
-Make life easier for the risk management community : some advices
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