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Finance and Banking/ Regulations

By on July 31, 2013

Carlos Arias, USA
ISO 31000 Applied to E&S Management for DFI (Development Financial Institutions)
-How IFC developed a risk management for its E&S Department
-How E&S risk is managed in IFC's portfolio
-How ISO 31000 is applied in a DFI
-How ISO helps to communicate E&S risk to other business areas

Jason Shohet, USA
Addressing new financial regulation
-Engaging stakeholders and establishing credibility
-Reaching common ground: Agreeing on facts and goals
-Brokering risk-savvy solutions
-How to operationalize compliance

Alpaslan Menevse, Turkey
Integrating ISO 31000 within the enterprise
-Preparing for the change in a Bank
-Issues arising from Integration
-Considering BASEL, COSO ICF and ISO 31000
-Alignment with ISO 31000
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