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ISO 31000 and Decision Making Panel

By on July 30, 2013

Walter Smiechewicz, USA
Decision Making Protocols - A key to successful risk management
-How ERM, GRC and other risk based protocols need to clearly account for the human element and biases of decision making
-Precise and competent decisions can only be made by persons with
strength of experience in the matters to be decided
-Events and emerging risks can quickly overtake organizations. -- Decision protocols must be able to respond within such a critical and fast changing environment
-Small deviations from established decision making protocols may seem insignificant at the time but could set in motion events that veer off the strategically desired path
-Good decision making leads to good risk management - a few checklist items.

John Fraser, Canada
Practical methods for implementing ISO 31000
-How Hydro One has been using many of the ISO 31000 principles since 2000.
-A new and practical way of determining and using risk attitude.
-How to develop and use risk criteria for all types of risks.
-Effective risk management is a culture change initiative

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