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By on July 30, 2013

Michael Rasmussen, USA
Optimizingn ERM Through GRC Principles: Collaboration and Integration of RIsk with Governance and Compliance
-What are the pains and frustrations organizations are experiencing with risk management and GRC
-How does ERM relate to GRC and vice versa
-How an integrated and collaborative approach drives performance and integrity
-What is the role of a strategy, process, information, and technology architecture approach to risk and GRC

Jacquetta Goy, Canada
GRC - Is it the natural next step or a potential diversion for risk management?
-Drivers for GRC - why organizations might choose the GRC route
-Better together or stand alone - pros and cons of a GRC approach
-Amalgamation or alignment - how is the orchestra kept in tune?
-Is it possible to commit to a ISO 31000 approach within a GRC framework?

Jason Shohet, USA
Brain versus Brawn: ISO 31000 and GRC
-History and definition of GRC: How we got to where we are
-Dangers of orphaned GRC (minus Principles and Framework)
-GRC in Practice: De-emphasizing the 'G', emphasizing the 'C'?
-ISO 31000 complementing GRC

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