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Eco-green Modern Technologies Basic Mission

By on June 26, 2013

In context with Millennium Development Goals
assistance program for regional investment projects we would like to present the more appropriate alternative selective approaches and innovative solutions for communities in Republic of Moldova. Please see the our Web Site :
Combining power of human , local unused potential and technology networks our major aim is to identify, incubate, and develop innovative solutions that to solve challenging socioeconomic conditions in critical human needs to recover livelihoods and economic empowerment. The mentioned Projects models have high potential for replication and scale in multiple environments, and a clear path for long-term sustainability in all territory of Moldova .
That ‘s strategy is to encourage Local Public Administrations by providing access to date base stored information of the best innovative practices and experience to develop in harmony branches of local or community economy and develop on chains investments projects . Target beneficiaries are underserved rural populations to achieve sustained economic self-sufficiency, and participate in socio-economic development in their communities. We’ll appreciate very much your support and assistance in our endeavors to promote innovative approaches of communities infrastructure sustainable development .
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