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The MADE-BY Challenge!

By Wizness on June 7, 2013


MADE-BY sought to publish its annual report in an interactive way that promoted two-way dialogue. The report includes features on MADE-BY's activities supporting brands to 'detox' their supply chains, integrate sustainable materials and to extend the end life of clothing. The report also showcases MADE-BY's new range of fashion specific sustainability packages.


The idea was to create an interactive online platform that communicates the sustainability efforts of MADE-BY's partner brands.


With the Publisher, MADE-BY embarked on their 2.0 sustainability reporting journey, allowing them to:

- Present a web-based report customised to their brand
- Engage stakeholders anywhere and anytime on tablets or smartphones
- Start public conversations with their readers directly on the report
- Get their message spread widely across social media

To access the report, click here:
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