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Open the Window for Interactivity – Sustainability Reporting Powered through Web 2.0 Technologies

Web 2.0 driven sustainability reporting describes an emerging digital approach of sustainability online reporting using the support of web 2.0 technologies. Such a computerbased application of semantics overcomes the limitations of orthodox reporting methods as it provides an array of specific capabilities to improve the way of communicating sustainability issues both, for companies (reporters), and their various stakeholders (report readers), e.g. along interactivity, customisation, reporting à la carte, stakeholder dialogue, and participation.

This paper gives an outline on this up-and-coming sustainability reporting approach along three categories:

(i) Media-specific trends in sustainability reporting are observed.
(ii) New opportunities web 2.0 technologies are offering for sustainability reporting are identified, and first implementations from current practice are described.
(iii) The implementation of a software tool for sustainability reporting à la carte is presented indicating movements away from early reporting stages towards the advanced one of a web 2.0 technologies powered
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