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Corporate Responsibility Reporting: A View for the Next Cycle

CSR reporting has moved from the exception to the expected: In 2008, nearly 80 percent of Fortune 250 companies worldwide produced CSR reports, up from about 50 percent in 2005.

Over the past decade, BSR has gained considerable experience partnering with companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia in the creation of CSR reports and related communications strategies.

This short concept paper sets out our view on nine trends shaping the future direction of reporting and describes how BSR can help during your next reporting cycle.

It has been BSR’s experience that CSR reporting processes can benefit considerably from bringing these nine trends together into a single CSR reporting strategy and action plan:

1. Materiality
2. Revising the Print-Web Relationship
3. Local Reports
4. Stakeholder Commentary
5. Key Performance Indicators and Narratives
6. Using Web 2.0
7. Integrated Reporting
8. Robust Reporting Cycles
9. Stakeholder Advisory Panels
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