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Wired Workforce, Networked CSR - Employee Involvement in the Age of Social Media

The purpose of this report is to place a marker in this continuum of
change, and provide an actionable account of trends and best practices to corporate social change officers and executives. With its
publication, we hope this white paper will:

- Inform and encourage practitioners and company leaders adapting
to the changing communications landscape in CSR work.

- Encourage actions and experimentation – including new pilots, different strategies, and new ideas.

- Provide best practices, stories from the field, and usable resources to professionals.

- Consider appropriate directions and strategies for CSR professionals to consider.

- Warn of potential pitfalls, challenges, and cautions in adapting to
social media in CSR.

The research for this report came from several sources: interviews with key change-­‐makers at companies in various stages of social media integration; news reports; analysis and publications from trusted research organizations; and the authors’ own observations.
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