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Solving Five Mining Operation Puzzles

By in Wipro on September 13, 2012

Health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) issues are central to
any mining operation. The industry has made great strides in its
adoption of technologies that allow improvements in many aspects of HSSE. However, there are still puzzles that mining companies must solve in order to improve the ability to protect personnel, sustain operations, and safeguard the environment.This white paper is an overview of five significant HSSE puzzles faced by mining executives around the world, along with the recommended technology-based approaches for their solution.

These five puzzles reside in:
• Energy Management
• Remote Operations
• Operational Safety
• Skill/Knowledge Retention
• Environmental and Social Compliance

Wipro Technologies specializes in the practical application of
technology to solve puzzles like these. For more than five
decades Wipro has addressed similar issues in industries that
have some of the same characteristics as the mining industry.
We have “translated” proven solutions from a number of
industries into mining-specific strategies.
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