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Enablon Product Brochure - Enablon UNIVERSE - UNIVersal Enterprise Risk SoftwarE

By Chloe Pott in My Enablon on July 24, 2012

Risk Management, Assessment, Governance, and Information Sharing

Apart from data collection, risk governance means analyzing, restructuring and reporting collected information to executives in a usable format. This is mainly done by relating risk-based information to action plans, financial exposure and company transfer solutions.

The «Risk Management» function is thus strongly linked to the acquisition, analysis, synthesis, and reporting of various types of information.

A dynamic and integrated global management system for risk management and information sharing

Enablon RM, a risk management software solution, meets companies’ risk identification, assessment, reduction and management needs.

A comprehensive and integrated full-web solution, Enablon RM allows companies to automate and centralize the entire risk management cycle. Enablon RM offers the following functionalities:

- Risk mapping
- Risk Modeling
- Preventing and protecting against risks
- Insurance management
- Incident and claims management

Download the product brochure to see the detailed functionalities of Enablon UNIVERSE.
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