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Corporate Sustainability: Leased Space Case Study

By in ICF International on November 1, 2011

A key barrier for many companies that occupy leased space is realizing a
tangible business case for environmental sustainability and improved energy performance. Without ownership, it is often difficult to make major changes to a building or the building’s systems, and in many lease agreements tenants see little or no direct financial incentive for reducing energy use, waste, or water consumption.

To overcome these energy management barriers in leased space, tenants generally have two (2) options – negotiate a “greener” and more flexible lease, or work collaboratively with other tenants, building management, and property owners to define common incentives and share in both the energy efficiency investment and the energy savings rewards.

ICF worked with Tishman Speyer, our building management firm in Roslyn, Virginia, to identify and implement simple energy-saving management strategies that could be applied to the entire building by all tenants.

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