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The success of good sustainability storytelling by Levi Strauss

The success of good sustainability storytelling often depends on having a good story to tell. And in sustainability, the more a company does what it says it wants to do rather than refer to what others are doing, the better the story.

Levi Strauss, it seems to us, has a good story to tell, whether it be the sourcing of more sustainable cotton, offering customers useful advice on how to wash and care for their jeans and, ultimately, introducing a product line, Waste<Less made, in part, from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and food trays.

Levi's commitment has grown out of working with NGO as a YouTube video featuring Matt Damon explains.

The company has taken to Instagram with an employee-led campaign to promote Waste<Less as well as using its sustainability blog, the LS&Co Unzipped corporate blog and the @Levisguy Twitter account to discuss other environmental and community initiatives.

Sometimes a sustainability story is taken to task and in 2012, Levi Strauss faced a social media backlash from Greenpeace over its clean water practices at some of its Mexico manufacturing plants, The company’s prompt response and open pledge on its site and through its blog to address weaknesses in its sustainability processes only enhanced its reputation for authentic social media dialogue.

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