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Eco n' Home or how to reduce energy consumption in Household

By on April 3, 2013

Target reduction of CO2 emissions (1 ton per household per year) and energy consumption (10 to 20%) per household followed through behavioural changes, replacement and/or reconditioning of energy systems, appliances, regulation systems, and building envelope.

Eco n’ Home aimed at exploring an innovative approach to reducing the energy consumption of households, by setting up a practical service for households that provides advice and identifies possible improvements in their day-to-day energy consumption. It consists of a home energy diagnosis that enables the advisor to report energy consumption and draw up a list of recommendations of behaviour changes and technical improvement solutions in the main fields of heating, electricity and transport. The experimentation of the service has taken 18 months. The main objective of the project was thus to create an available and reproducible tool for reducing domestic energy consumption, which could be used all over Europe and is based on a common methodology easily transferable to all parties interested in using this tool. In the long term the service could be also of use in the implementation of “white certificates”. The ultimate objective of Eco n’ Home is to achieve changes in behaviour that are sustained beyond the lifetime of the project and in the long-term.

How to:
Implement one of the Eco n’ Home initiative


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