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#BP > SENTINELLE SANTE ensures the wellness of their employees

By in World Forum Lille on October 31, 2012


Sentinel Health Group is a clinic specializing in occupational medicine founded in 1996. Since 2005, it provides medical services to private individuals (family doctor, consultations, etc.) This is a family company where the founding president, the father and mother are still with the company ever since their daughter Mylene Chaumont was appointed President in 2010. The company has two clinics, one in Quebec and one in Ontario and more than 14 employees (including four doctors, four nurses, two assistants, an operations manager, general manager and president). In 2009, Sentinelle Health Group won the award for best business in services awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Gatineau.

Objective (s):

- To Ensure the welfare of employees while reducing absenteeism related to physical or mental health (For Sentinelle and its clients)


The hiring process of candidates: in the interview of employees, they have two tests that will be asked to be filled in. The first is a pre-employment medical questionnaire (QMPE) to indicate whether the person has a medical history or functional limitations for the position. Subsequently, a psychometric test is done to assess the skills and abilities of the person to be hired. This document will be use in coaching and mentoring to help the employee improve or be more aware of the elements mentioned in the psychological test.

They offer their employees access to their doctors for minor cases or prescription drugs. In the region where they live, more than 30,000 people have no access to a GP, this represents an advantage for them instead of waiting almost 20 hours at the emergency room.

They have a vacation policy, and leave that employees can be with their children or during extracurricular activities. They are very open to promoting a modified schedule to the meet the demands of childcare, schools activities, etc..
Employees at the management level can work from home and have no fixed schedule. They are free to work according to their schedules and projects.

For their customers, they offer the services of pre-employment medical examination (with a doctor specializing in occupational medicine to evaluate whether the person is fit or not to use).In addition, they offer evaluations and second medical opinions after an absence or sick leave not justified. They also organize operations and surgeries in the private sector to accelerate the return to work of the person who is waiting for care in the public system.

Factor(s) keys to success:

-The human relationship with employees and physicians
-Promoting quality and not quantity

Contribution to company performance:

- Company with a great potential growth and Sentinelle is in the process of being franchised across Canada
- Decrease in absenteeism

Social and / or environmental benefits:

- Focus on human resources and healthy management of the company
- Improved well-being of employees and clients


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