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BP > NORSYS: Being the best IT Service Company workplace.

By in World Forum Lille on September 25, 2012


A Consulting and IT company, consultancy in project management and in human resources, Norsys, established in 1994, has built its development on a participatory approach that integrates the expectations of its employees such as those of its customers.

Objective (s):

- Recruitment diversification, equal treatment for men / women, parenting favored

- Training employees to help everyone progress and offer added value to customers,

- Commitment outside of the company to help discriminated job seekers and young people

- Reducing their environmental footprint.


When recruiting employees, Norsys has implemented the anonymous CV, training on stereotype and prejudice awareness and proceeds by co-decision making to reduce the risk of prejudice. In parallel, they use highly specialized analysis tools to ensure equal treatment for male / female.

Norsys leads concrete actions to help parents better balance time between work and family. For example, the working from home is encouraged and managers have agreed to not to schedule important meetings on Wednesdays.

Through their corporate university, the Norsys-easy-makers school, its Norsys-ways concept on career management and finally from its summer campus, Norsys offers all employees an ambitious training program and career management courses.

30 employees work outside the company and pilot a foundation whose purpose is to assist job seekers who are discriminated against.

Environmentally, Norsys educates its employees to better sort waste, limit travelling, and reduce the use of heating and paper.

Factor(s) keys to success:

>Involvement of all employees motivated by the strong commitments of the director.
>Transparency strategies, actions and results.

Contribution to company performance:

- Turnover of staff of only 8% (20% among competitors)

- Reduced cost of recruitment (of 40 new hires in 2008, only one employee hired through a recruiting agency).

- Marketing of the Norsys-ways concept

- Perspective of an increase in sales for 2009 > 8%

Social and / or environmental benefits:

- Doubling of female employment, employees over 40, and tripling of French people with foreign origins.

- More than 40 people who face possible discrimination were accompanied each year by the Norsys foundation.

- Involvement of customers in the foundation.

- 10% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


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